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We offer you a network of pre-vetted cloud engineers and architects for virtually any cloud-based role. CloudTeams was founded in 2020 by cloud industry professionals who had one clear goal: partner with both companies and talent to solve the frustrations they commonly face with cloud recruitment firms who often have zero technical and/or practical cloud experience.

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Hire independent professionals to shorten development cycles, bury backlogs, and drive product growth.

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With a focus on co-managed cloud services, CloudTeams collaborates with your IT team to lighten their workload and redirect their focus towards business-critical strategy and innovation. Our highly skilled, friendly, and courteous experts work alongside your team to provide guidance, support, and delivery of cloud projects, cloud roadmaps, cloud infrastructure monitoring and maintenance, cloud security, cloud data backups, cloud-based business continuity planning, cloud system optimization, cloud help desk support, and more, all at a flat monthly fee.

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Save money on hiring additional resources with our bench of certified cloud engineering experts.

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We take care of daily cloud maintenance tasks so you can focus on your business priorities.

Data Center Technicians

We offer you a network of pre-vetted data center technicians and data center operations talent. CloudTeams partners with you in sourcing, recruiting, and hiring top talent to support the operational needs of your data center facility. Our team has a keen understanding of the technical requirements of data center roles.

Focused on Texas market

CloudTeams leverages a network of Texas based data center technicians, engineers and facility talent.

Data centers experts to scale your team

Hire independent professionals to shorten development cycles, bury backlogs, and drive product growth.

Build your cloud engineering team, on-demand

By engaging independent cloud engineers and architects, you’ll tap into their expertise and drive faster innovation and growth within your organization. With CloudTeams, your business can stay ahead of the competition and accelerate projects.



Iben Rodriguez is an esteemed CTO with a deep focus on cloud security. With an impressive track record and extensive expertise in securing cloud environments, Iben has successfully designed and implemented comprehensive security strategies for organizations.

☁️ Expert in
Key Skills

30 Years



Previously at


Web Developer

Asparuh is a highly skilled senior web developer with a passion for creating exceptional digital experiences. With extensive experience and expertise in web development technologies, Asparuh has successfully delivered numerous innovative websites and web applications.

☁️ Expert in
Key Skills

10 Years



Previously at


Cloud Architect

John is a seasoned cloud architect with a wealth of experience in designing and implementing Enterprise cloud solutions. With a strong background in cloud platforms and services, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

☁️ Expert in
Key Skills

15 Years



Previously at


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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! CloudTeams offers flexible cloud engineering talent solutions. Our team can help source freelancers, part-time, full-time and even executive recruitment. Our goal is to provide cloud talent solutions that can meet your business needs and be cost effective.

We Stand Behind Our Work with a 90 Day Guarantee. If your new hire chooses to resign or is terminated in the first 90 days, we’ll restart our search. Book a no-strings consultation to learn more.

When you need to move critical cloud projects forward, working with CloudTeams makes finding the highly skilled cloud talent you need easy, fast, and cost effective.


Our specialized recruiters have experience in the cloud industry that enables them to do the heavy lifting on your behalf. In as little as one week, they’ll get back to you with a curated list of pre-vetted remote cloud engineers who tick all the right boxes, selected from the global pool of talent on CloudTeams


You don’t pay until you choose a cloud engineer who’s a good match for your project, and you avoid the high fees and markups that are typical for traditional recruiting firms.

People with years of experience in cloud computing, creative, design, development, and marketing: the very best people on our platform, handpicked from hundreds globally.

CloudTeams is free for you to get started and there’s no cost until you’ve chosen an independent cloud professional who’s a good match. That means you can speak with a recruiter, get a shortlist of pre-vetted cloud engineers.

Absolutely not! A large portion of the searches we’re asked to fill require Microsoft expertise, but we’re able to apply our recruiting tactics to any role, and many cloud expertise. We’re focused on growing the largest network of cloud computing experts, and are cloud & vendor agnostic. So whether you need a engineer, marketing, sales, rev ops, customer service or operations role filled with a background in AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, IBM Cloud, Linux, Edge, IoT, AI, or cloud security, we’re here to help! Complex cloud security posture management? No sweat, let’s do this!

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