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Microsoft Solutions & Security Architect
November 10, 1995
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I am an accomplished professional renowned for exceptional end-to-end cloud solutions, showcasing expertise in consulting, architecture, and security assurance. With over 16 years of progressive experience, I have successfully delivered and managed numerous complex projects, exceeding clients’ expectations. I have profound understanding of cutting-edge technologies and meticulous approach has led to the successful implementation and management of over 400 comprehensive security experiences. I bring a wealth of expertise and a track record of excellence to any organization seeking top-tier cloud solutions.


✅ Creating cloud security architectures, well architect frameworks, and cloud governance models

✅ Designing, administering and maintaining Azure Sentinel instances for clients and internal instances.

✅ Creating and configuring Azure Sentinel, including the understanding of KQL for writing queries and correlations.

✅ Conduct a compliance audit of Azure infrastructure and policies, using NIST and CIS benchmarks

✅ General security process review, planning, and solutions implementation

✅ Assess, strategize, and implement – conditional access policies, geo-fencing, and retiring legacy authentication clients

✅Privileged identity management, decrease global admins, other privilege roles – reviewing, strategizing and implementation

✅ Identity protection: review, strategy and implementation. Examine users or sign-ins who are potentially dangerous.

Career Highlights:

🔸 Working with Dell, one of the Department of Defense’s cyber security programs and several other Fortune 500 companies.

🔸 Currently working on a complex and ongoing security project for an Australian Government Defense contractor.

🔸 I hold multiple industry security certifications including Microsoft Certified Trainer and I have also earned a master’s degree.